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Job responsibilities

Eléments is a small hydro greenfield developer.

The Hydroelectricity Manager is responsible for implementing the company's small hydro policy. He/she is responsible for supervising the prospecting, development and construction of hydro projects with a view to commissioning them and passing them on to the operations team.

He/she steers and coordinates hydro activities in strategic regions (Alps and Pyrenees) to optimize the economic performance of projects in line with corporate strategy. He/she assists and advises middle managers in managing their business and their teams, identifies local growth opportunities, and negotiates major projects with partners and strategic local players, decentralized government departments and political administrations.

His or her technical expertise enables him or her to quickly identify promising sites and the key issues involved in authorizing or building projects. He/she can thus help his/her team to progress technically and secure the profitability of projects.

As a unifying force, he/she is responsible for the cohesion of the branches (Montpellier and Lyon) and ensures compliance with the company's development and sales strategy. He/she represents the company at national level in dealings with public institutions, local authorities, all stakeholders and ENR networks.

Description of your missions

Prospecting supervision:

  • Supervision of the technical and economic identification and qualification of potential sites
  • Supervision of prospecting for qualified sites, under the supervision of a hydro prospecting manager.
  • Search for new types of potential projects to broaden the scope of detection and find other growth drivers.
  • Participation in co-development negotiations, drafting bids for real estate tenders
  • Field support for the prospecting team for decisive prospecting meetings
  • Participation in the definition of rules for the transition to project development
  • Decision to put qualified and secure projects into development

Development supervision:

  • Supervision of development managers and of the design, development and appraisal phases of small hydro projects, up to the "ready-to-build" and "construction launch" stages.
  • Control of costs, deadlines and quality of internal development team and external engineering firms
  • Optimization of projects under development to integrate best design practices
  • Competitive technical intelligence
  • Supervision of the consultation policy adapted to each project
  • Supervision of the appraisal phase: handling requests for additional information from government departments, negotiating the drafting of authorization decrees, etc.).
  • On-site support for the development team at key development meetings (elected representatives, government departments, etc.), lobbying and negotiating with decision-makers.
  • Development of a long-term vision for Eléments' hydro business
  • Regulatory and strategic watch

Supervision of the small hydro engineering office:

  • Supervision of a manager in charge of a small hydro technical design office
  • Support for technical decisions and arbitration of technical and site optimization plans, support in the field
  • Development of the unit serving the hydro team (training, talent development...)

Construction supervision of hydro projects:

  • Supervision of pre-construction (drafting specifications, negotiating, optimizing and challenging designs, pre-costing for investment decision)
  • Allocation according to best industry practices and risk management of interfaces between batches
  • Control of costs, deadlines and quality of investment budgets during the construction phase
  • Site visits, on-site support for the hydro construction project manager during decisive site meetings
  • Supervision of batch acceptance
  • Lifting construction reservations


  • Supervision of four small hydro team managers
  • Recruitment, ongoing training, leadership, improvement of tools, upgrading of engineering skills and management of operational teams.
  • Regular travel to Montpellier team, projects and worksites

Representation and public affairs:

  • Representation of ELEMENTS on the ground with local political players (sub-prefects, departmental and regional prefects, MPs, elected representatives, local authorities, etc.), institutions (government departments, commissions, etc.) and energy players (unions, cooperatives, etc.).
  • Expertise, public affairs relations (support for meetings with associations and local residents, negotiations with political and decision-making bodies on projects)
  • Active participation in national outreach and public communication, regional lobbying with prospecting and development managers, the French business manager, and COMEX members involved:
  • Sustained direct territorial lobbying and support for prospecting & development managers and project managers, depending on the level of importance of the contacts involved.
  • Involvement in sponsorship and partnerships for regional measures with the communications and sales departments
  • Promote and represent ELEMENTS to the industry, political decision-makers and institutional players, and support intermediary managers in territorial lobbying.

Cooperation and reporting:

  • Regular reporting on your teams' activity (and in the CRM, steering tools)
  • Liaise and monitor projects with the French Development Director (quarterly reports, committees, etc.).
  • Close collaboration with other departments (sales, legal, project optimization, financing, construction) to ensure the successful development and completion of projects.
  • Improving prospecting and development tools with other departments

Skills required

  • Excellent knowledge of the RE sector, project auditing (feasibility, risks, issues, measures) and stakeholders
  • Professional experience (senior level, with managerial experience)
  • Managerial skills
  • Ability to analyze and synthesize information, particularly on the competition
  • Writing and organizational skills (operational implementation of ambitions)
  • Mastery of communication and office automation tools

Desired skills

  • Sense of responsibility and initiative, ability to make proposals and innovate, negotiating skills
  • A results-oriented culture, a leader in the field and a driver of activity
  • Ability to manage, communicate and convince a wide range of audiences
  • Proven leadership
  • Ability to manage numerous subjects in parallel and make decisions
  • Gain height to meet operational, strategic and managerial challenges / coordinate teams with responsiveness and efficiency
  • Pressure-resistant, autonomous
  • Ability to engage teams in new work dynamics (new market segments, new partners, etc.).
  • Listening and availability for its teams
  • Conflict management, constantly seeking solutions and improvements
  • Excellent interpersonal and people skills
  • Autonomous, proactive
  • Meticulous, diligent
  • Developing a network of contacts

Working conditions 

  • Autonomous executive status Syntec agreement
  • Fixed salary according to experience
  • Uncapped variable
  • Luncheon vouchers
  • 100% employer-paid health insurance
  • Shareholding plan BSPCE
  • 5 weeks of paid vacation + 12 RTT
  • Computer + cell phone


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